Synthesis of golden rice Rewiring the grain

Synthesis of golden rice, literature cited

Theor Appl Genet This problem was solved by the development of new strains of rice. These efforts led to the printing press essay of what we could call the first generation of Golden Rice after the proof of conceptalso known as GR1.

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International Rice Research Institute via Wikimedia Commons As part of the Golden Rice initiative, researchers introduce genes into existing rice strains to coax these GMO plants into producing the micronutrient beta carotene in the edible part of the grain.

He has also supported the development of a genetically modified strain of cassava, a starchy root crop eaten by subsistence farmers across much of Africa.

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Oxygenation hydroxylation, epoxidation reactions lead then to xanthophylls. Thus the GGPP precursor molecule is being synthesized and lycopene can be cyclized.

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Tian L, DellaPenna D Progress in understanding the origin and functions of carotenoid hydroxylases in plants. Beyer P, Mayer M, Kleinig H Molecular oxygen and the state of geometric isomerism of intermediates are essential in the carotene desaturation and cyclization reactions in daffodil chromoplasts.

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Moreover, CRTI does not form poly-cis-configured intermediates, as plant desaturases do Bartley et al. The primary sequence of CRTI is unrelated to the plant-type desaturases.

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