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No presumption in its favour, therefore, can be drawn from the fact of its existence. It is time we had the courage to challenge these views. I do not mention these difficulties to complain of them; first, use it would be useless; they are inseparable from having to contend through people's understandings against the hostility their feelings and practical nuclear free world essay And in newspapers, magazines, and television, where women are dramatically underrepresented.

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And even if I could do all and leave the opposite party with a host of unanswered arguments against them, and not a single unrefuted one on side, I should be thought to have done little; for a cause supported on the one hand by universal usage, and on the other by so great a preponderance of popular sentiment, is supposed to have a presumption in its favour, superior to any conviction which an appeal to reason has power to produce in intellects but those of a high class.

I have not yet shown that it is a wrong system: