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Scrip allowed the Department to issue a land grant without specifying the actual parcel involved. When these times arose, these children were the envy of most because they were not only bilingual and biculturalbut they also knew the lifestyles of both the white man and the Indian.

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The sections were then to be divided into, the quarter-section was thought to be enough land for each family settling in the North West. Metis' Struggle for Self Identification Essay Words 15 Pages were able to read and write, they were in huge demand at one of the trading companies.

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These experiences may have caused them to pay greater… Photo Identification Legislation Essay Words 7 Pages requiring metis identification at the voter polls.

The essays that existed at this time encouraged the Metis people to begin to formulate their own identity. Regrettably, once Patrice Cyr's money scrip was sent west, both the Department of the Interior and the Winnipeg law firm somehow managed to lose track of it.

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