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Effective managers take time and effort to manage not only relationship with subordinates but also those with their bosses. You should know your own needs, strengths and weaknesses, and personal essay as well.

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You can follow her on Twitter at BeyondCareers. In addition, business owners can take advantage of a range of tax benefits despite paying higher Social Security and Medicare rates.

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Determine licensing and local regulations. Think about the following: Plan to do this over and over again. When people think of owning their own business they usually imagine making lots of profit, working once a week, and never being worried about being fired or laid-off.

Being Your Own Boss Have you ever imagined yourself owning your very own business? You have no one to blame other than yourself at the end of the day when the work is not done.

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Explain Working for one own boss is not always as much as a benefit as many people think. Third, Diego did not invest himself in an effort to do self-assessment.

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Part of it can be fun! Although many business owners do find themselves working longer hours than they anticipated, they still have the flexibility to rearrange their operations to start later in the day, take vacations and prioritize personal emergencies.

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Getting your name and product out there and buiding that reputation. Determine the type of legal structure the business will be.

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You are always on-call and need to be being your attentive to every single detail at work. No more boss breathing down your neck, and no more petty office politics or egos to deal with.

In addition to developing a business plan the remaining steps are.

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