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Fair and free elections are the key pre-requisite of democracy. The fight of democracy was abandoned by its democratic soldiers, resulting in the transfer of power into the hands of military establishment.

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Beginning of democracy 5. In a democratic setup, power is vested with the executive headed by a president.

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All the factors which are discussed above collectively play an important part in giving uncontrolled and unbridled powers to the mighty military, consequently undermining the political and democratic institutions. Learn more about the …. For example, Pakistan enjoyed cordial political and military relationship with America.

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It is the soul and spirit of the state and shall not be desecrated. Pakistan has been a victim of international influence since its independence. With such a division and vested interests, it is not difficult for undemocratic forces to send the elected representatives home without any problem and challenges.

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Exports are shrinking against ballooning imports. First, few were employed in governmental work and secondly, there was the Assembly of people where every citizen about the age of 20 had a right to speak and vote.

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Sixty five years of Pakistan's history can be summarized as a continuous tussle between