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No content can be blocked by Internet research paper providers or charged differential rates. All persons copying this information are net neutrality dracula vs van helsing essay adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. We propose that any QoS mechanisms that an ISP implements in network infrastructure layers should be available to application providers without unreasonable discrimination.

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We develop a net neutrality policy based on the layered structure of the Internet that gracefully accommodates convergence.

Our Research on Net Neutrality We argue that neither the extreme pro nor con net neutrality positions are consistent with the philosophy of Internet architecture.

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The next set of papers are concerned with whether a vertically integrated broadband and content provider can unreasonably advantage itself over competing content providers, either by selling quality-of-service QoS to content providers at unreasonably high prices, or by refusing to provide access to QoS to competing content.

Portions of this work were supported by NSF.

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