Describe the dehydration synthesis condensation and hydrolysis of carbohydrates Difference Between Hydrolysis and Condensation

Describe the dehydration synthesis condensation and hydrolysis of carbohydrates, more details:

It is the basis for the synthesis of all the important biological macromolecules carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids from their simpler sub-units.

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Hydrolysis vs Condensation Condensation and hydrolysis are two types of chemical reactions, which are involved in bond formation and bond breakage. In biochemistry, hydrolysis is considered the reverse or opposite of dehydration synthesis.

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Dehydration Synthesis uses condensation in the process and when this continues for a long period of time, a long and complex chain is formed, just like the ones in polysaccharides.

Both have a reverse reaction in relation to each other and vice versa. The cell then becomes plasmolysed.

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How does it link two nucleotides together? Dehydration means to take water out.

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Identify the molecules that make up a cell membrane. These links can also be extended many times, resulting in the production of polypeptides. When energy is needed for biosynthesis, ATP is hydrolyzed and stored energy is released for utilization.

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