4-bromo-2-nitrobenzaldehyde synthesis Synthesis of 4-Bromo-2-nitrobenzylidene Diethanoate

4-bromo-2-nitrobenzaldehyde synthesis, product details

I'm going to search for it, but my literature research abilities are very limited.

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It is moderately soluble in organic solvents and sparingly soluble in water 0. After a further 1 h at this temperature the reaction mass is poured into water and the sodium salt of the product is salted out by addition of sodium sulfate.

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The 3-nitroaniline produced solidifies on cooling and is separated by filtration. Thanks to both of you, Sauron and solo!

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After being washed acid-free with brine, the yield of is ca. Now if I find a method to separate 2,4- and 2,6-DNT, this would be an alternative to the sulfonation, considerably shortening the entire procedure.

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Now I need to find laboratory procedures for sulfonation of 2-nitrotoluene and further synthesis, and for the sulfide redution. That brings me a lot closer to the target, maybe I wont need explicit preparation instructions. Nitrobenzenes is added to warm water containing magnesium sulfate. Therefore sodium dithionite does not seem to be a synthesis choice of a reducing agent to me.

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Note the use of sulfide! Furthermore, the dithionite ion decomposes appreciably under the conditions of nitro compound reduction according to Ullmann, decomposition takes place in aqueous solution more or less rapidly depending on pH and temperature, and there is no stable dithionite solution at and above room temperature which is why a good excess is always used.

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The selective reduction of one of the nitro groups seems to be the main problem to me as well. Nitroanilines or by controlled hydrogenation of 2,6-dinitrotoluene with palladium on a carbon catalyst [62]. Wouldnt it be more logical to remove the sulfonyl group directly after nitration of p-toluenesulfonic acid instead of leaving it there throughout the rest of the process, getting 2,6-dinitrotoluene as the intermediate?

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