Essay on dinosaur for children Top 10 dinosaur facts

Essay on dinosaur for children

The largest dinosaurs were herbivores plant-eaterssuch as Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus.

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Perhaps something fell the sky and struck the planet causing a huge dust cloud, utterly shutting out the sun and forcing the dinosaurs into extinction. Early saurischians resembled early ornithischians, but differ from modern crocodile s.

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The date of the early dinosaur genus Eoraptor at Adaptive radiation Edit Dinosaurs were a varied group of animals. The big sauropods could never have reached so large a size without their pillar-like legs.

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Saturnalia may be a basal saurischian or a prosauropod. One theory on how the dinosaurs became extinc The second type of extinction is called mass extinction.

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Saurischians differ from ornithischians by keeping the ancestral configuration of bones in the pelvis shown in a diagram above. There are four main patterns of organization of an essay The others are basal saurischians.

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This fits well with the idea that they were warm-blooded, and that the origin of birds can be traced to a line of small theropods. Limitations Edit Despite their great success over a long period, there were life-styles which the dinosaurs never evolved.

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