The mitochondrial eve hypothesis Mitochondrial DNA

The mitochondrial eve hypothesis

Of course, some of us are better versed than others, but that should come out in the argumentation, not in which piece of paper the person possesses.

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See Noevo That is not my understanding. It would seem from these the eves hypothesis that the location of initial modern Homo sapiens evolution and the direction of their dispersion from that area is obvious.

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The rest of your post makes no intelligible sense. These observations are consistent with both a species-specificity of nucleotide sequence, and a preservation of the necessary genetic functions among species.

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For example, modern Chinese are seen as having evolved from Chinese archaic humans and ultimately from Chinese Homo erectus. Random mutations have altered the genetic code over the millennia.

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Finally, can we say what direction human evolution will take in the future? Beginning inseveral studies have been conducted that show all humans alive today have the same female ancestor and she lived approximatelyyears ago. In addition, some kinds of DNA molecules are known to be more subject to mutation than others, resulting in faster mutation rates.

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Neither estimate is compatible with a 1-Myr-old human mitochondrial ancestor. L3's female descendants, the M role of mesophyll in photosynthesis N haplogroup lineages, are found in very low frequencies in Africa although haplogroup M1 populations are very ancient and diversified in North and North-east Africa and appear to be more recent arrivals.

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The Genetic Eve was already a Sapiens most likely, though genetically not required.