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And an unrelenting passion for rearing exceptional wildlife.

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The acquisition of a highly prized herd of buffalo of superior lineage from Uganda, which was isolated for 27 years to add to its quality and sought-after status as a disease-free herd, laid the foundation for the business. Unyati prioritises innovative technologies. Our mobile laboratory is an example of our commitment to more accurate and efficient testing. These are the qualities that differentiate Unyati, and position us as a leader in quality wildlife breeding.

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This resulted in an unbelievable debut auction turnover of more than R million as a single operator, and R million in partnership with Wintershoek. We have since incorporated top sable genetics into our business, including remarkable bloodlines from Piet Warren, Thaba Tholo and Dries Visser.

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Jaco proceeded to invest in top quality buffalo bulls like the strapping Bhekifa, magnificent Stompie and impressive Etzebeth, and partnered with renowned game breeders to introduce superior bloodlines to his herds, further enhancing their genetic diversity. In a rare industry exception, Unyati has managed to build up reputable genetic stock in less than 10 years through the acquisition of top male and female animals from legendary breeding herds.

Unyati is proud of the co-operative relationship we boast with state veterinary services in establishing training lean movie paper term testing grounds for state and private professionals, and the guiding principles for ethical game practices.

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