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She can't have the glaring, open light bulb.

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Later that same night when Stanley comes from the hospital, Blanche encounters the same type of brutality. With this revelation, Blanche is deprived of her chief attributes — that is, her illusions and her pretense. But to be taken so cruelly and so brutally by a man who represents all qualities which Blanche found obnoxious caused her entire world to collapse.

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And Blanche's entire life has been affected by this early tragic event. She feels that she had failed her young husband in some way.

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She is then forced to admit all of her past. We do not share any of your information to anyone. Then Mitch forces her to admit her past life.

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To Mitch, she is ready to essay the color purple her whole being. She must live in the quiet, half-lit world of charm and illusion.

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But Blanche's intimacies have always been with strangers. She doesn't want realism; she prefers magic.

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