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I went to the market to buy milk, eggs and bread. Further helpful readings about expressions, writing and grammar: The same is true with the conjunction but.

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They can, however, cause problems if not used properly. It is possible to use nor without a preceding negative element, but it is unusual and, to an extent, rather stuffy: He was late for school, so he took a shortcut.

In addition to providing a transition the subordinate conjunction also shows the importance between the two ideas as it starts with the main clause followed by the subordinate conjunction which then introduces the next idea the dependent clause.

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The most common prepositions are "about," "above," "across," "after," "against," "along," "among," "around," "at," "before," "behind," "below," "beneath," "beside," "between," "beyond," "but," "by," "despite," "down," "during," "except," "for," "from," "in," "inside," "into," "like," "near," "of," "off," "on," "onto," "out," "outside," "over," "past," "since," "through," "throughout," "till," "to," "toward," "under," "underneath," "until," "up," "upon," "with," "within," and "without. List all of your conjunctions.

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There was word throughout the land when the government was defeated. In the sentence "Piggy would rather be rescued then stay on the island," we have employed the for essay word because a comparison is being made between Piggy's two choices; we need than instead.

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This is a useful rule, but difficult to remember. How to write an essay?

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For example, both the husband and the wife are invited to the party The book is on the table. It might be helpful to explore the uses of these three little words. Because it was raining, we had to cancel the class picnic.

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Correlative conjunctions often function as comparative devices. There seem to be three basic types of conjunctions.

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