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At 24 he wrote a book to refute materialistic philosophy. His father died inleaving the family penniless. Some zoologists and scientists wondered what made humans different from animals in the primate family.

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According to unitary dissertation public administration view, the universe is a collection of elements, forces and laws not as casual but rather as related and consistent elements which are of ultimate aims and harmonies. Furthermore, they contemplated whether homo sapiens should be classified as one species with multiple varieties or separate species.

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He also noted that peoples of "mountainous, rugged, thesis eleven wiki, and well-watered" countries displayed "enterprising" and "warlike" characteristics, while peoples of "level, windy, and well-watered" countries were "unmanly" and "gentle". In the 16th and 17th century, scientists attempted to classify Homo sapiens based on a geographic arrangement of human populations based on skin color, others simply on geographic location, shape, stature, food habits, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Using his mastery of the Quran and his innovative subject-based approach to Quranic exegesisAl-Sadr extracted two concepts from the Holy text in relation to governance: He attempted to reach a universal Quranic theory and apply this theory in all dimensions, namely prophecy and economic, attempting to extend them in books like Iqtisadona our economy and al-Bank al-li Ribawi fi-Islam. In contrary, the economical system of Islam doesn't permit to determinate people to have disposal the facilities and natural sources.

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For if there is anyone who does not discern a reason for these differences among the nations, but rather declaims that all this so befell spontaneously, how, I ask, can he still believe that the universe is administered by a providence?