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Students needed to weigh all the factors and choose essays against homeschooling of the targets.

What do we already know about Saturn, its rings, and its moons? In the Cassini Scientist for a Day contest, students get to be the scientists.

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The image is downlinked to Earth, a billion kilometers away. Winners will be announced in mid June, after the end of the school year for Seminole Ridge. Before each essay winners opportunity, Cassini scientists have to decide which image they think would yield the best science.

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What do we hope to learn from the image selected? NASA emailed to say that his physics students in a national contest for an interplanetary mission were semi-finalists. The command to take the image is uplinked to the spacecraft. Finally, they agree on which image will be taken. Seminole Ridge High School physics students learned about possible images that the cameras on Cassini could take on May 25,

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