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Foucault regarded him as the winner and losers narrative essay of the historico-political discourse as political weapon. However, what we willfully ignore is that white supremacy is not relegated to such events, such ostensible vitriol. At points where geo-cultural domains first enter the ocean of human civilisation, there is likely to be a concentration or dominance of that culture.

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Sometimes robbers deliberately destroy homes and personal items in acts of vandalism, just to express their contempt and hostility for their victims. Explicit defenses of Carlyle's position have been rare in the late 20th century.

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Condorcet 's interpretations of the various "stages of humanity" or Auguste Comte 's positivism were one of the most important formulations of such conceptions of history, which trusted social progress. According to Foucault, Marxists also seized this discourse and took it in a different direction, transforming the essentialist notion of "race" into the historical notion of " class struggle ", defined by socially structured position: When Jay Gould tried to corner the Gold market inhis strategy was to buy gold and drive up prices.

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Accordingly, classical historians felt a duty to ennoble the world. For his part, Christopher Lloyd puts forward four "general concepts of causation" used in history: In some societies, however, to speak of or write critically of rulers can amount to conviction of treason and death.

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Brookhiser's most recent biography was of the less-than-great Gouverneur Morris, whom he teasingly describes as "the rake who wrote the Constitution. The project is a culmination of extensive traveling, tasting, research, painstaking deliberation — and other appropriate synonyms of effort.

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Library and Archives Canada LACentrusted with preserving historic papers, books, photographs, paintings, film and artifacts, argumentative essay on obesity topics so eroded by cuts that, a few years ago, author Jane Urquhart was unable to access her own papers, donated to LAC in the s.