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Open-source principles can be applied to technical areas such as digital communication protocols and data storage formats. By doing so, on-line contributors become part of the process of creating the film, helping to influence the editorial and visual material to be used in the documentary, as well as its thematic development. That could be best open source speech synthesis anywhere from a noisy factory floor to a care home for the elderly.

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But so far no one has quite worked out what will move it on from merely good to reliably great. In computer graphics, basic small shapes move according to fairly simple rules, but there are lots of shapes and many rules, requiring vast numbers of simple calculations.

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This removed much of the drudgery from being a researcher, librarian or journalist. Not only will engineers keep tweaking education in romania essay statistical models and neural networks, but users themselves will make improvements to their own systems.

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Apple persuaded millions of iPhone users to talk not only on their phones but to them. The improvements in the lab are now being applied to products in the real world. This does not best research paper plagiarism checker that people will communicate with their computers exclusively by talking to them.

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The first open-source documentary film is the non-profit " The American Revolution ", which went into development inand will examine the role media played in the cultural, social and political changes from to through the story of radio station WBCN-FM in Boston. Open Source Cinema is a website to create Basement Tapes, a feature documentary about copyright in the digital age, co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

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Although the training technique works well, we also need to add a few extra loss functions to guide the student towards the desired behaviour. High-quality automated translation seems even more magical than other kinds of language technology because many humans struggle to speak more than one language, let alone translate from one to another.

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Arria, a company based in London, makes software into which a spreadsheet full of data can be dragged and dropped, to be turned automatically into a written description of the contents, complete with trends.

It allows dyslexic people to write without typing, and the very elderly may find it easier to talk than to type on a tiny keyboard.

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