Kingdom hearts 358 2 days item synthesis List of synthesized items

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They are not stunned by basic attacks and you cannot reflect fireballs back at them.

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Legend - Occurs after beating the game. Afterward, he will be stunned for a while, giving you time to attack him safely.

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Unfortunately, they have gotten rabies or something in the meantime, and they are now pretty vicious. Level 6 Artisan Moogle - Rank B items are at half-cost. If your weapon has a short aerial combo, you may be able to just run in and attack, keeping the Poison Plant stunned.

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Anyone who is hit by the lightning bolt might get jolted. Simply go the option "Synthesize" at the moogle shop.

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All Gears can now be synthesized. All Gears can now be synthesized.

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An Elemental Shard is represented as a small, hooked jewel.