Grignard reaction synthesis of triphenylmethanol Grignard reaction synthesis of triphenylmethanol

Grignard reaction synthesis of triphenylmethanol

Distill the two layered mixture until the temperature reaches the boiling point of water.

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Figure 4 After the reflux, the mixture is transferred into a separatory funnel and water is introduced to rinse the mixture. The boiling chips are added into the solution in order to prevent over boiling of the solution.


The magnesium sulphate in the granular form will be preferable. As a result, an reaction synthesis of triphenylmethanol with butyl ethyl groups is formed which is known as n-butyl ethyl ether.

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The density of the pure ethyl n-butyl ether is determined by pipetting 1cm3 liquid into a pre-weighed measuring cylinder and noting the weight difference. The final distillation of unpurified cyclohexene must be done very carefully in order to obtain purified products. This is because some of the water droplets is hold up and stick on the wall of condenser and the second distillation will produce the contaminated cyclohexene.

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The mechanism is shown in the figure 1 as below. There are a lot of pores inside the boiling chips which provide cavities both to trap air and to provide spaces to allow bubbles of solvent can be form. E2 elimination reaction also can be occurred because the ethoxide ions parental control software essay strong base which initiate elimination reaction to compete with the substitution reaction. As the mixture is heated, the alkene and water are produced as the products in the reaction.

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The product is dried with 5g calcium chloride and is filtered into 50cm3 round bottom flask. This reaction can be used to produce both symmetrical or unsymmetrical ethers and also cyclic ethers.

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Due to the low melting point, the cyclohexanol appear in liquid form at room temperature. Sodium bromide, 1-butanol, conc.

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