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This is because the approach lessens the tension between the offenders and the victims. This penalty is their evidence that justice has been served.

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Its approach and response to torts is restorative justice essay sample different from the conventional systems of justice. The victim of such offending behavior would play a key role in finding a solution to the offense that he had faced or had been affected classification thesis Chmelynski, Sep According to this theory, imposition of stringent punishments on offenders causes an increase in crime. Restorative Justice aims to maintain a delicate balance between the victim's concerns and the society so that the offender could reintegrate into community.

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First, perception of criminal sanction by courts as unfair by offenders; second, alienation of the offender from the community due to the actions of the sanctioning authority; third, the offender considers the sanction as stigmatizing, feels like a rejected person or as opposed to a lawbreaking act; and fourth, if the offender rejects or refuses to accept the shame then the punishment will ensure that he suffers.

Victims may have a say during probation hearings of their offenders.

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Thus making everyone realize that crime violates people and relationships, and the justice part of it all identifies the needs and obligations of the victim, offender, and community. Thus, this essay explicates why restorative justice is the best approach to justice.

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The scholars have critically stated as to how and in which manner restorative justice is to be utilized. In respect of first time juvenile offenders, the results are spectacular.

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Best research paper writing service for all. The system of restorative justice has spread to several countries. In the case of informal restorative justice, the ideal and effective structures are voluntary participation and collaborative resolution finding.

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