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American history thesis paper

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Sexism is a vague word that can american history thesis paper different things in different times and places. Then, spend the rest of your paper--each body paragraph--fulfilling that promise.

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A successful thesis statement is historically specific. The writer admits that the Revolution gave women important new opportunities, but argues that, in the end, it led to no substantial change.

View your thesis as a work in progress while you write your paper.

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A successful thesis statement answers the question, "so what? As "Republican Mothers," women contributed to the polity by raising future citizens and nurturing virtuous husbands. It needs to make an argument about some element of the war's limited effect on women.

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What were women able to do with these advantages? The Revolution paved the way for important political changes for women.

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A successful thesis statement is focused and precise. Few would argue with the idea that war brings upheaval.

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Obviously the rest of the paper will answer these questions, but the thesis statement needs to give some indication of why these particular changes mattered.

This thesis recognizes the complexity of the issue, conceding that the Revolution had both positive and negative effects for women, but that the latter outweighed the former.