Synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles Synthesis and characterization of chitosan–silver nanocomposite

Synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles, introduction

Superparamagnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications: They also have high stability, high protein packing efficiency, can be prepared as a lyophilized powder, and are easy to store and transport The SEM micrographs of the nano-magnetic chitosan showed that they were approximately uniform spheres.

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Chitosan nanoparticles have become of great interest as polymeric platforms for the development of new pharmacological and therapeutic drug release systems with improved biodistribution and increased specificity and sensitivity, and reduced pharmacological toxicity. These nanoparticles were well-accepted by the ocular surface tissues.

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For coating process, 5 ml nano-magnetic solution was added to 75 mL deionized water and sonicated for 10 min. As antibacterial agents, gene delivery vectors and carriers for protein release and drugs Used as a potential adjuvant for vaccines such as influenza, hepatitis B and piglet paratyphoid vaccine Used as a novel nasal delivery system for vaccines.

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