Tetrahydrofuran synthesis Recent Advances in the Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrahydrofurans

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In general, acceptable yields are obtained with aromatic or unsaturated aldehydes, but reactions of aliphatic aldehydes proceed in modest yields. Zhan, Synlett, Products resulting from 5-endocyclization are also observed for substrates bearing a carbocation-stabilizing group such as an alkene adjacent to the wiki help essay. In most cases exo-cyclization manifolds are favored over endocyclization pathways in these syntheses, as the latter suffer from poor orbital overlap in the strained bicyclic transition state for cyclization.

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Guan, Synthesis,44, THF is used as a component in mobile phases for reversed-phase liquid chromatography. A related link on the same site, entitled " References for the synthesis of gamma-butyrolactone from 1,4-butanediol ," lists numerous citations involving the oxidation of BDO into GBL.

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Different gold catalysts effect either selective bromine migration or hydrogen shift in haloallenyl ketones, leading to the formation of 3- or 2-bromofurans, respectively. At present, proposed conversion routes related to this reaction have significant variations. Hydrolysis of the crude esters yielded stable amino acid salts. The synthesis of tetrahydrofurans via alkylation of dicarbonyl dienolates with simple epoxides followed by acid-mediated carbonyl O-alkylation with the resulting alcohol has also been described.

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