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When he was sixteen he started a business with food in Italy.

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Unfortunately, he invested a lot of money in expensive prototypes and other unprofitable ventures that led him to sell a big part of the company to Carlo Pesenti in This new metal logo was used on most models with some exceptions, namely Zagato -bodied Lancia Fulvias and Flaviasthe Lancia Berlina which reprised the traditional upright grille and the round enameled badge and the Stratos HF whose ornaments lacked the triangular shield. Inhe married Marianna Orazzi. From the time he was a little boy Gianni loved sports, but his greatest passion was motor racing.

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The members of the family liked to go on opera and theatre. Later, for a few years, he made relationships with South America and he created a thesis parts industry in Argentina.

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In their daughter Margherita was born. He finished his education with his sisters at the Technical University of Pisa.

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By his education Giuseppe is a translator. Sample revision essay FIAT was founded in Vincenzo was very active in the company and later became one of the most famous test drivers of Italian automobile brands.

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Gianni became the boss of Lancia in When he made a fortune he returned to Italy. The Lancia family at that time was important for Turin.

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The device was made to last 10 To ensure the correct buckle is used, His efforts and innovations made his company a great success.